Catching Them YOUNG!!!

In my few years in life, I have seen, heard and witnessed MIRACLES.
But I am yet to see the miracle of “catching them OLD”, or that of “Training up a MAN…” .
You don’t want to know the parental heartbreak of trying to raise and teach your child when he/she is 30yrs old!!! I have never seen it work like it would when you start from that little one in your hand, trusting and looking up to you as a friend and mentor.
And little by little they will learn the important things of life. A foundation that can only be shaken, but not destroyed.
My heart is really bleeding out for parents who have NEVER had time to impact their children even in the simplest way.
You can’t imagine what goes on around them when you are not paying attention, nor what goes on in their little mind when you are not holding them every step of the way.
It doesn’t matter how many bad choices we made when we were young or even as parents; You can make the best choice for them. you can help them be better people than you ever were!
TIME flies by, and that little one wont stay a baby forever. “Catching them YOUNG” could make our world a better place.
I really cant share why my heart bleeds, but PLEASE, this is a sincere cry for a CHANGE!!!


2 thoughts on “Catching Them YOUNG!!!

  1. Beautifully written.
    A parental legacy built early in a child’s life will engineer the child to a place of Destiny.

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