If am half as VIRTIOUS
Then the world would sing my praise
If am half as BEAUTIFUL
Then I won’t wait to show it off
If I acquire half her PATIENCE,
 Or even pray with so much Grace…
If I could be as HOPEFUL
And still remain so Faithful
If I could keep my calm,
In the face of Every Storm…
She’s twice the WOMAN that I have ever been!
Not so wealthy, but makes wealthy
Not so Schooled, but speaks with caution
 Never a Doctor, but healed so many heart
Never a Banker, but she’s a trusted safe
Never had a pulpit, but rich with Godly words
I have care freely treaded some path
because I was confident her knees are never weary in prayers,
and tears ever touching the very heart of God.
We call her ‘MUMMITA’- Sweet and Cherished mum.
Thank you for your silent prayers and Best wishes.
You’ve been more than a MUM to us.



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